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Pettson House Gates

Demex Pettson House Gates have been carefully designed to meet both house owner and schoolyard use requirements. It is namely important to keep children inside the yard, while simultaneously creating a comfortable entrance to your home or to the schoolyard.
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    Fields of application

    Houses, preschools

    Broad range

    Pettson House Gates secure a wide range of different openings, by default 0.8 m, 1.0 m, 1.2 m or 1.5 m high, up to 2 m wide as a single leaf gate, up to 4 m wide as a double leaf gate, as a combination of a 2-m gate and a 1-m gate for a 3-m opening or as a single 1-m gate. Demex can also produce Pettson House Gates to suit your application if it involves larger openings.

    Well-thought-out design

    Pettson House Gates are manufactured with 40x40 square section steel frame, by default with crenellated net filling and with optional section filling, Viking Basic or Viking Guard. The gates are fitted by default with a lift lock which can replaced with other more secure locking systems.

    Neat appearance

    The Pettson House Gate range is available Z-LACK powder-coated or GALV-FE hot-dip galvanised to suit your requirements. The most common colours are:

    • Hot-Dip Galvanized (FZV)
    • Dark Green (MG)
    • Olive Green (OG)
    • Black (SV)

    Reference case


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    We will do our utmost to help you! Please do not hesitate to contact us. Ring 0046 371-33540

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    We can offer fast deliveries at attractive prices.

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