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Demex launches a new logo, graphic profile, and website.

The New Look of Demex

There is a lot happening at DEMEX right now. We are in the middle of a very expansive phase where we are modernising and developing our company. Now we are going forward with the greatest launch of all times, and it is with a great pleasure that we present our new logo and graphic profile that reinforces what DEMEX stands for today.

We are also introducing a new website that contains all of our products. You will be able to easily find all products on our new website. It is updated daily with product information and news, so keep an eye out.

Our year-long experience ensures that our products keep a high quality, save time, and are cost-effective. DEMEX does not supply only products, but a totality of knowledge, cooperation, and responsibility. Our value words Trust, Commitment, and Innovation permeate everything we do.

We have a positive outlook on the future, and our most important task is to preserve our customers' trust by giving you products and service of the highest quality. We hope that our new efforts meet your expectations.