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Northern Scandinavia + Demex = true

Minus 40 degrees, dust storms and whirling snow – it is something you learn to live with working up North in Sweden.

At Demex we love the more northerly latitudes, and have realized that there are special needs there, that require tailor-made solutions.

Take for example the Bosch/VW Audi's test center in Arjeplog. They test cars and electronics in temperatures down to 40 degrees below zero. Test tracks, both on land and ice, are stretching over several thousand acres. There is not always electricity out on the field, and it must be closed for public access, still easy for test drivers to pass. We have therefore provided the test center with purpose-built battery-powered booms etc. They are even heated so that the whirling snow and ice should not bury them at extra severe weather.

Another good example is our automatic Sliding and Swing Gates available over LKAB's mining area of Malmberget in Kiruna. There is also our temporary and design fence that protects at shafts and mines.
Demex biggest sliding gates, measuring 19 meters, is also used by several ports up in northern Norway.

 In 2016 Demex exceeded all previous sales records and to celebrate it the sales team traveled to the North on January the 30, 2017. We landed in Jukkasjärvi and cheered our common achievement in the ice bar at the Ice hotel. In addition, Leif Haapalainen, who runs Campalta in Kiruna, took us on a guided scooter tour in the area. As cherry on the cake, we visited one of our customers who run a business doing sleds span pulled by dogs. They have bought Kennel dooryards from Demex. Guess if we liked the silent ride back!