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De-Fence Fencing Net

The De-Fence Fencing Net is Scandinavia's best-selling fencing net. The De-Fence wire mesh net is a common fencing net in Scandinavia. It is most often used to protect industrial properties, houses, and schools, but is also used for a number of other applications. The De-Fence Fencing Net is made of wire developed for enduring harsh conditions. It consists of galvanised or plastic-coated wire mesh fencing net in a number of different heights, from 0.5 m to 5 m! Select mesh size, colour, net height, and number of rolls. One rolls is 25 metres long and can easily be spliced to create a long row of fencing. The De-Fence Fencing Net is complemented with different De-Fence Fencing Posts and different parts to create a fencing system that lasts for life.

90,00 kr/m excluding VAT
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