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Outer enclosures, animal enclosures, traffic and flow of people... Such facilities place special requirements for effective security. Safety and the aesthetic aspects of the fence are often important; for example, in order to match the architectonic concept of the building and to ensure secure enclosure of the animals. As regards entrances, access control products are required for controlling vehicles and passenger traffic.


The whole perimeter of the area is secured with a fence. It has a deterrent effect: it means that access is reserved for authorised persons.
Sliding gates, swing gates, turnstiles and barriers provide necessary access control for employees and other authorised persons.

Animal enclosures

Animal enclosures are zones with increased security risk. Fence systems here have been selected to protect not only the general public from the animals, but also the staff when they take care of the animals. The fence that is used must be strong and often employs anti-climbing deterrents, whereas gate systems prevent animals from escaping and guarantee the safety of the staff.
Turnstiles ensure controlled access of staff and can be used for access by persons allowed to use the facility. They can be equipped, for example, with a card reader so that it is clear who is present in the facility at all times.

Traffic and flow of people

Zoos can be very busy places. It is important to control the flow of visitors and vehicles.
Turnstiles are used for regulating and controlling the users, and automated barriers and gates are used in multi-storey car parks to control vehicle access.