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Football Fields

Outer enclosures, football fields, training areas, traffic, and flow of people... Such facilities and events place special requirements for effective security. Security and the aesthetic aspects of the fence are often important, e.g. in order to match the architectonic concept of the building. Events require high quality temporary fences for people and traffic control.


The whole perimeter of the area is secured with a fence. It has a deterrent effect: it shows that access is reserved for authorised persons.
Sliding gates, swing gates, turnstiles, and barriers provide necessary access control for the staff and other authorised persons.

Main football field

The football field is a zone with increased security risk. The choice here falls on a fence with a delaying effect in order to protect the players and the field from unauthorised access. The delay factor (= the time during which the fence withstands unauthorised persons) is defined in relation to the time during which the security service or the police must react.
Turnstiles ensure controlled access of staff and access of public authorities allowed to use the facilities. They can be equipped, for example, with a card reader so that it is clear who is present in the facility at all times.

Training grounds

It is evident that this fence surrounds a zone with a lower security risk than the actual football ground. Nevertheless, it is still a zone that has its own risks. Unobstructed and unregistered access of unauthorised persons must be prevented at all times. For example, a single full-height turnstile and an access control system/card reader should be sufficient.
With a view to the smaller number of spectators, the partition wall between the general public and the players does not need to be so big, but is still required. This in order to keep spies, journalists, and obtrusive supporters at a safe distance.
The fact that the players are public persons and require a certain degree of secrecy may not be disregarded.

Traffic and flow of people

Just like at other sports events, emotions at football arenas can easily reach the boiling point. It is important to keep the flow of supporters and vehicles strictly segregated. This applies to the road from the car park to the field and back again.
Turnstiles are used for regulating and controlling supporters, and automated obstacles and gates are used in multi-storey car parks to control vehicle access.