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Sports and leisure

Sports and leisure facilities need certain types of area protection products.

Sports and leisure facilities do not need only protection against vandalism and theft, but also have to provide themselves protection to the general public. There is also a need for regulating the flow of visitors to sports arenas regardless of their size.

  • Golf Courses

    Entrance, external perimeter, car park for members, lanes... Perimeter protection ...

  • Motor Racing Tracks

    Outer enclosure, race track, logistics zones, traffic and flow of people... Such ...

  • Football Fields

    Outer enclosures, football fields, training areas, traffic, and flow of people... Such ...

  • Tennis Courts

    Outer fences, tennis courts, public tennis courts, traffic and flow of people... Such ...

  • Zoos

    Outer enclosures, animal enclosures, traffic and flow of people... Such facilities place ...

  • Camping

    Such facilities place special requirements for effective security. Safety and the ...