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Area entrances, car parks, bicycle parks, playgrounds… perimeter protection is a very important aspect of protecting the area from theft and vandalism.

Area entrance and external perimeter protection

The entrance to the area determines the overall impression, which is of vital importance for the area of a block of flats. This is why the fencing must be attractive and secure and have characteristics reflecting the appearance of the area. It must also have functional characteristics (prevent unauthorised persons from entering the area) without impairing its inviting character.

Car parks

Vandalism and thefts are often a problem at the car parks of the blocks of flats. The fencing must prevent any intruders from entering unauthorised areas. The fence must always provide good visibility so that any intruders are noticed quickly. In densely built-up areas, the fence must be transparent and beautiful.

Barriers and bollards control the access of vehicles to garages and car parks. Barrier products such as parking bollards, etc. must prevent the access of vehicles to unauthorised areas.

Bicycle parks

Bicycle parks must be protected against theft and vandalism. They must also be easily accessible so that large groups of cyclists can come to or leave the park simultaneously. The fence must be and look secure so as to immediately discourage any persons with bad intentions. It is preferable to choose a system that is difficult to cut through or damage.


Child protection is important, but a playground should not look like a “prison”. This is why the choice here falls on a fence with a low to medium height. Visibility through the fence is important in order to make supervision possible. The fence must be completely safe and may not cause children to get injured or get stuck.