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Private Residences

Drives, gardens… area protection is used for defining the boundaries of your property, giving character to your home, but also for protecting your property and those you care about.


Fences and gates are used for protecting your house, property and those you care about, for preventing theft and damage, and for improving the appearance of your property. Drive fences are often made up of forged pickets that give your property an impressive appearance. Sliding or swing gates can be manual or automatic to ensure greater comfort and security. Pedestrian gates are also used for access of pedestrians.


Fences and gates are used in the garden to provide protection against theft and damage, but also to protect your children and household pets. Wicker fences provide a safe area, whereas garden gates give access to parts of the garden that you want to prevent your children or household pets from coming into. Fences can also be used to create attractive functions in your garden, for example, with creepers to create a living wall.