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Demex products give you peace of mind during the day and during the night.

Protection Grades

Demex develops, produces and maintains perimeter protection solutions and security products of the highest quality. Our tailored comprehensive solutions offer optimum security according to our tried and tested perimeter protection philosophy.

Perimeter protection according to Demex' unique philosophy consists of five elements. These elements are carefully attuned so that they complement and reinforce each other.

  • Deter; a barrier at the perimeter makes potential intruders change their minds, e.g. by means of a fence.
  • Detect; in nine out of ten situations, a burglary will be aborted if the intruder knows that he or she has been spotted.
  • Delay; the right measures ensure that intruders cannot get into your property as fast as they would like to.
  • Take action; electronic signalling warns and enables rapid follow-up of burglary.
  • Control access; an adequate access system provides optimum control and supervision of the flow of inbound and outbound goods and people.

Look out for the Demex protection class shield on different products