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Snowy Fence Snowy Fence

So, winter's train chaos stopped? New Swedish technology against snow. Snowy Snow Fence ™ protects the roads and jobs and increases safety at ski resorts.
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  • Snowy Kit

    Demex’s snow fence is the perfect solution for stopping drifti...

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  •  Limit drifting snow
  • Reduces wind speed
  • Gathers the snow in a wide snowdrift around the snow fence
  • Produced in Polyethylene for withstanding exceptionally cold temperatures down to -40ºC.
  • Simple and effective!

The solution against drifting snow:

Demex’s snow fence is the perfect solution for stopping drifting snow: Setting up the fence provides simple protection against harsh weather in the form of snow and wind. Extremely practical for house owners, farmers, as well as at exposed road stretches.A wonderful quality investment in times of lots of snow and wind.

Installation instructions:

To achieve best results, place the net approx. 20 m from the area that needs protection against snow and snowdrift formation. The fence should be supported by steel or wooden posts (or the like) and fastened right above ground level (10 to 20 cm). This creates additional favourable turbulence in the direction of the wind.

 We recommend placement of the posts in a zigzag pattern ata distance of approx. 2 metres from each other in accordance with the image above.

Technical information:

Demex's snow fence is manufactured in the environmentally friendly material PE (polyethylene) and is UV-stabilised. This ensures that the net will not break down or become corroded or brittle when exposed to sunlight and extreme temperatures. Demex's snow fence can withstand temperatures down to -40º C.

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